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for Electrical Contractors


Profitably Manage Your Electrical Contracting Business

Our plug and play software is designed to connect all aspects of your electrical business giving you the 360 degree view you need to succeed.

Simplify Your Commercial Electrical Business

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Enhances Existing Financial Software

Use epro360 as an extension to your existing accounting or ERP software. Stop completing accounting tasks manually. ePRO360 automatically checks supplier invoices against your purchase orders to detect errors and prevent overpaying.

Analysis and Forecasting

ePRO360 analyses and tracks your material spend against your estimate. Know what you are buying, and what you are paying for it, in real time. Having this information is the difference between a successful project and one that goes “sideways”.

Procurement of Materials

ePRO360 can be your digital filing cabinet. Generate purchaser orders, material requisitions, and quote requests, and receive order acknowledgements, delivery receipts, and invoices from your suppliers all within one system.

Jobsite Management

ePRO360 keeps your jobsites moving forward efficiently by allowing your team to request material quickly and easily in field using our mobile browser. Shorten the time between needing the material and having it on-site and ready to go reducing costly downtime while waiting for paperwork.

Easy Inventory Management

ePRO360 gives the visibility your foremen need to get material cheap and fast. Build your shop inventory with bulk purchases when pricing is right, track left over material from completed jobs, and share the material availability across all projects to minimize waste and capitalize on the best price.

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