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ePRO360 gives your project managers tracking tools to give them the best, most up to date data as to project progress and estimate to actual costs. Using labour data and PO’s issued to date ePRO360 allows project managers to know how many hours have been applied to their project and what the material spend has been to date. This information is available in real time, not when the project is complete. That gives project managers the ability to make decisions when they need to in order to reduce profit loss and momentum. These tools will help your projects stay on time and on budget.

Knowing how much of a total material budget has been spent at any given time can help Project Managers make critical decisions.

If you are spending more on material on a given project than estimated, you need to know immediately. Did the scope of the work change? Is a site condition causing more 1″ and 2″ conduit to be necesary than originally thought? Can these changes be captured in a change order to the client?

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