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Electrical Project Estimation

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We researched the market, analyzed the competitors and we believe our upcoming electrical project estimation module will be incredible.

Would you like to be one of the first to 'test-drive' it?

ePRO360 Electrical Contracting Software Suite

The ePRO360 software suite is soon launching its powerful project estimation software and we’re looking for mid-size contractors to ‘test-drive’ this incredible software before we officially include it in our popular ePRO360 software suite.

Simple software designed by electrical contractors ... for electrical contractors

Simplify Your Business with Electrical Project Estimation Software

If you'd like to be considered for this limited test group - please share your contact details below.

Ontario Beta Group

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ePRO360 : A Few Customer Favourites

  • Intelligence

    ePRO360 is driven by intelligence that simplifies your business and ensures everything balances

  • Job Costing

    Digital tracking and estimating of labour costs, with real-time reports on estimated vs. actual costs.

  • Purchase Orders

    Digitized packing slip processing to streamlined PO receiving and processing - effortless & quick.

  • Accounts Payable

    Electronic invoice details with built-in intelligence that reconciles statements and verifies all data.

  • Many Other Modules Available

    Beyond built-in business intelligence, what makes ePRO360 a customer favourite - it has many additional modules that support almost every aspect of your electrical contracting business.

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